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One of the prime objects of the musuem is to conduct research into all aspects of the history of policing in Cheshire.

For exhibits this involves investigating objects that come into the museum and trying to discover their history and context.

Collecting people's memories is another important task, not only their own personal stories but the all knowledge they have.

And researching in the archives. Because of the changes in the county's boundaries records are spread out amongst many archives and no one really knows quite what is where. A major task for the museum is to pull these records together and hopefully index them.

As a result of the varied collections of records that we have we are able to answer many requests for family history research which come in from all over the world. This keeps one volunteer researcher occupied full time.

So large are the potential resources that we always need help to do research. So if you are interested please contact us about volunteering, you won't be short of choices to follow.