The Museum of Policing in Cheshire

Museum of Policing in Cheshire

Visitor Condition of Admission Policy

Visitors are admitted to the Museum or Policing in Cheshire at the hours and under the conditions stated below.

Admission to the Museum is free of charge. The Museum is situated inside a working police station therefore all visit must be by made by prior appointment. (See booking procedure.) The museum staff reserve the right to refuse admission to the Museum to any person, or to require a person already admitted to leave the Museum, if his or her conduct or presence is considered by a responsible officer to be causing or liable to cause annoyance, or to endanger or be liable to endanger the exhibits, the fabric of the building, or to be otherwise undesirable.
The leaders or organisers of parties may be required to divide their parties into groups which are small enough to avoid inconvenience to other visitors.

Opening hours
The Museum is open to visitors Monday and Friday from 10.00 to 1600.

The Museum is not open during the Christmas period, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

All visitors are required to have left the Museum by the appropriate closing time; visitors may
therefore be asked to leave galleries before the time at which the Museum itself closes.

The Trustees reserve the right to close all or part of the Museum at any time without prior notice in the interests of security or for other reasons.

Evening visits to the museum are by special arrangements and the same conditions apply.

If it is necessary to close the Museum temporarily, visitors may be prevented from leaving whilst the Museum is closed.

Visitors, other than disabled visitors, may not park cars or motorcycles at the Museum.

Vehicles belonging to disabled visitors may be able to park by prior arrangement.

Pedal cycles may be able to be left on bicycle-racks provided in the yard by arrangement and the museum will not accept liability for loss of or damage to pedal cycles.

Bags and parcels
The Museum reserve the right to refuse to allow any bag, case, parcel etc to be brought into the Museum, A condition of entry to the building is that they or their bags may be required to submit to inspection either before it is, or after it has been, brought into the Museum. No bag, case, parcel etc may be left unattended anywhere in the Museum. The Museum reserve the right to deal with any unattended object in such manner as seems to them best, and will accept no liability for damage which may be caused in consequence.

There are no cloakrooms within the Museum. The Museum will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained to items brought into the building.

Visitors may not touch the objects on display unless specifically authorised to do so by the

Hand-held cameras may be used for private purposes in the galleries. Commercial or professional photography must be arranged in advance through the Museum Manager.
In conjunction with our Child Protection Policy the photographing of other visitors is not allowed without permission. Any photographs taken by visitors maybe subject to examination by museum staff and deletion may be requested.

Sketching with pencil or crayon is permitted in the exhibition galleries. The use of ink is prohibited.

The Museum will not accept liability for any claim arising from the cancellation of a previously arranged visit. Being in a working police station and if security situations arise the museum can be closed at short notice.

Disabled visitors
The museum is assessable to wheel chair users. We have visually impaired guide staff available; advance information of special needs would be appreciated.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guide, assistance or companion dogs may accompany disabled visitors in the Museum. No other dogs or other live creatures may be brought into the Museum.

Smoking is prohibited within the Museum and police grounds.

Food and drink
The consumption of food and drink by visitors is prohibited within the Museum building.

Radios, mobile phones
The audible playing of radios, tape recorders, musical instruments etc within the Museum building is prohibited.

Visitors may not use laser pointers within the Museum.

Closed circuit television
The police station has Closed Circuit Television is in operation on this site. Images are being monitored for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. A condition of entry is that you are being watched.

Visit Booking Procedure

The Museum of Policing in Cheshire is located within the Victorian cells of Warrington Police Station, Arpley Street Warrington.

The Museum is totally staffed by volunteers who give their time for no remuneration therefore our volunteers may not be available on certain dates.

1. We always have a Fire Wardens and in First Aider on duty.
2. Two members are trained in leadership of Visually Impaired.
3. Staff are CRB checked and we operate a child protection policy.
4. In the museum we do have flashing lights, if these are a problem please inform us and they will not be used during your visit.
5. Toilets are available.
6. The whole area is disabled friendly.
7. The consumption of food in the museum is not allowed. Drinking water is provided.

Opening times are restricted because of the museum’s location inside an Operational Police Station and therefore security is paramount. All visits must be by prior appointment.

Opening times :-

Monday 10am to 4pm, some other times may be arranged.
Cold call visits by the public will not normally be allowed admittance.

Visits arranged by NPU officers, Schools Liaison Officers, PCSO’s and other police staff for their schools / communities will be very welcome.
But the visits booking procedure MUST be adhered to.

Due to lack of space within the museum, School & Community group visits will be restricted to an average class size. There must be adequate supervision; Cheshire County Council good practice suggests that for Key stage 2 a ratio of 1 – 10. with a maximum of 25 people.

System for Booking Visits.

• Organisers must first contact the Museum to obtain suitable dates when the museum will be open and volunteers are available to assist.

• Written (or Email) notification of the visit date will be sent to the visitors and the date entered into the Museum diary along with a contact name & number.

• Visitors should meet at the front door of the Police Station, (Arpley street) and the organiser should report their arrival to a member of the front desk staff, who will notify the Museum staff. Visitors will then be escorted into the museum by a Museum volunteer.

• Visits may be cancelled at short notice due to operational reasons at the Police Station or unforeseen circumstances.