The Museum of Policing in Cheshire


24th June Reminiscences of a Chief Constable by William Chadwich added. Cheshire and Staleybridge history in the 19th century.

June 2014 Database and photograph update

Jan 2014  Database and photograph update

15th September - Cell 2 added to the plan and guide.

30th August 2013 - Gallery added to plan and guide.

August 2013 - Corridor and Cell 1 added to plan and guide.

August 2013 - booklet on Rules for Knutsford Gaol 1839 added to features.

August 2013 - index of newspaper cuttings added to collections.

July 2013 - new history books available on line in the features section: History of Birkenhead Police, Wallasey Police and Wallasey Fire Brgade.

July 2013 - work in progress on Plan and Guide, The Yard, Hall, Classroom and Passage completed.

June 2013 - New website design on line.

Cheshire Police Video 2012.