The Museum of Policing in Cheshire
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Chester City Police
From 1761 there were night watchmen in the city. In 1836 the new Police Force was formed taking over the watchmen. In 1949 the force, then with a strength of 70, was taken over by the Cheshire Constabulary.

Congleton Borough Police
Started in 1841 with 1 constable until 1947 when it had 18 men and was amalgamated with the Cheshire Cobnstabulary.

Stockport Borough Police
An ACt of 1826 established the Stockport police and watchmen which became the Stockport Borough Police in 1836 with 11 men. In 1967 (force strength 347)it amalgamated with the Cheshire Constabulary.

Hyde Borough Police
Formed in 1899 with 32 men until 1947 (40 men) when it was taken over by the Cheshire Constabulary. In 1974 Hyde became part of Greater Manchester and policing passed to them.

Widnes never had its own police force. It was included in the establishment of the Lancashire County force in 1839 until 1974 when it became part of Cheshire and the Cheshire Constabulary.

Birkenhead Parks Police
Formed in 1923 the force had police powers and was limited to Birkenhead parks. In 1974 it became the Wirral Parks Police. This was abolished in 1982 with the area coming under Merseyside Police.

Cheshire Lines Committee Railway Police
The Cheshire Lines Committee was formed by other railway companies to run lines between Manchester and Liverpool and through Cheshire. In 1862 its Police officers were sworn in as constables with powers limited to the Company's premises. In 1947 it wa absorbed by the British Transport Commission Police.

Manchester Ship Canal Police
Formed in 1893 its police powers were limited to the Cnal Compny's premises and one mile either side. It was abolished in 1993 and its responsibilities taken over by the Port of Liverpool Police